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FYI Scams Tips

Look It’s Your ISP or Maybe Not

By on June 28, 2016

Your BBB® is receiving calls daily from people who are having their important computer files held for ransom. Our advice is to never believe any pop-up messages on the…


FYI News Scams Seniors

Beware of Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

By on June 23, 2016

Recently our BBB® heard about a common scam resurfacing in our area. This scam, and some very similar, have been around for many years, but new twists or popularity…


Credit FYI Tips

Choosing a Credit Card

By on June 22, 2016

A February 2016 survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates found that 25 million consumers have had their credit card for 10 years or more and 20 million have never…

House figure on bils


Consumer Myth FYI News

Things to Know About a Reverse Mortgage

By on June 16, 2016

Your BBB® receives many questions from people considering a reverse mortgage.

If you’re 62 or older – and want money to pay off your mortgage, supplement your income, or pay…


FYI News

New Law Helps Make Rental Cars Safe to Drive

By on June 15, 2016

Vacation season is in full swing! For those of us who are traveling long distances, we often rent a car once we get to our destination. But how do…

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