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1.1 Million Person’s Info Exposed Via Insurance Companies

1.1 Million Person’s Info Exposed Via Insurance Companies - The Beacon


By: Michael

1.1 Million Person’s Info Exposed Via Insurance Companies

The US insurance company Nationwide Mutual has revealed that its network, shared with Allied Insurance, was attacked on October 3, and the attackers stole personal information from their network.

The Washington Post estimates that 1.1 million person’s information has been compromised including names, birth dates, US social security numbers, and driver’s license numbers and may have included marital status, gender and work-related information. Nationwide says it is sending letters to anyone it believes has been affected by the breach, and is offering them free credit and identity theft monitoring through Equifax for one year. Local and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating the breach, and are asking why there was such a long delay between the October 3 breach, and the November 2 public disclosure, raising questions about disclosure requirements.

Learn more about protecting your personal information, and what to do if compromised by visiting the Tri-State BBB.

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