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Beware of iPhone Rip-offs

September 29, 2008 Amy 0

Although it happened over two months ago, the iPhone G3 is still a hot ticket item, and it’s likely to continue to be so through the holiday season (which, although still a few months away, is fast approaching–especially in the […]

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Auto Fluid Leaks

September 26, 2008 Amy 0

Have you suddenly noticed a big dark spot on the concrete where you typically park your car? When you’ve got some kind of fluid leak, it’s important to be able to tell the mechanic what kind of fluid you think […]

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Renters Need Help, Too!

September 24, 2008 Beth 0

We have been discussing issues related to home ownership for some time now, as the mortgage crisis has been in the forefront of consumer’s minds.  However, Kiplinger reminds us that we should not forget the renter.  Renting a home or […]

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Is My New Car a Lemon?

September 23, 2008 Beth 2

Purchasing a car requires the buyer to do some homework. As with any major purchase, consumers need to know about financing, warranties, MPG ratings, etc. before signing on the dotted line. Recent inquiries have encouraged me to revisit our Lemon Law, as […]

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Pay Attention to MPG Claims!

September 22, 2008 Amy 0

The BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota recently released this alert regarding dealership MPG claims on vehicles: Fuel Economy Alert With gas prices high, dealerships have been making more fuel economy claims in advertising. Please be aware that Federal Trade […]

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BNY Mellon Letters Cause Confusion

September 19, 2008 Amy 9

If you’ve received a letter from BNY Mellon Shareowner Services recently, claiming that your personal information was involved in a data breach, don’t assume that it’s an attempt to steal your identity, even if you’ve never done business with them […]