Hurricane Relief

August 30, 2012 Tom 0

Hurricane season is upon us, and with it comes relief efforts to assist those who are affected by such disasters.  Whenever there is a disaster, there always are opportunists who come along who are more interested in “profiting” from others […]

Ab Circle Pro Purchasers to Get Refund

August 29, 2012 Jackie 11

Good news for consumers who bought a product called Ab Circle Pro that did not work as advertised.  The FTC filed deceptive advertising charges against the marketers of the abdominal exercise device, and the companies have agreed to settle the […]

Get Paid to Drive Your Car?

August 24, 2012 Amanda 27

Wouldn’t you like to get paid for driving your car to work or on daily errands?  That is the basis for a new work-at-home offer being made to consumers across the U.S. Car wraps are a way for businesses to […]

Avoid Scams This Election Season

August 23, 2012 Susan 0

Scammers are already gearing up for this year’s Presidential election, from robocalls offering a “free cruise” for taking a political survey, to promises that President Obama will pay your utility bills. Better Business Bureau is advising voters to be on […]