Did You Win Free Airline Tickets?

March 28, 2013 Jason 0

We have received several calls recently about postcards claiming that the recipient has been selected to receive 2 free tickets from American Airlines. The card comes through the mail and appears very official with the proper AA logos, a toll […]

Spring Break & Temporary Tattoos = FDA Warning

March 27, 2013 Jackie 0

Students on Spring Break may be tempted to get a temporary tattoo, but on March 25, 2013 the FDA issued a Consumer Update regarding these tattoos.  According to the FDA Consumer Update, temporary tattoos last from three days to several […]

Is Good Customer Service Dead?

March 26, 2013 Michael 0

More and more, businesses are burying their phone numbers, and retailers are steering you to online FAQs. Although recorded messages insist your call is very important, many companies make poor use of technology and inadequately train their staff. The Better […]

Things Consumers Should Know About Credit

March 25, 2013 Tom 0

This morning as I was surfing the net, I came across an article which presented information about credit, credit scores, and how lenders and insurers determine risk. By looking at your credit history, for example, insurance companies can predict whether […]

Get the Most from Your Auto Insurance

March 22, 2013 Amanda 0

Motor vehicle collisions and other auto-related mishaps result in billions of dollars in property damage, medical and legal bills and lost income every year. Car owners need to protect their vehicle and themselves with auto insurance, but how do you […]

Can the BBB Help with My Complaint?

March 21, 2013 Jason 0

Your Better Business Bureau offers a complaint process with the goal of resolving issues that arise between consumers and businesses. There is no charge to file a complaint with us and often we are able to assist in bringing about […]

Bogus Prize-Promotion Scheme Halted by FTC

March 20, 2013 Jackie 0

Here in our office we have noticed an increase in calls about prize promotion offers this time of the year.  Now there is one less scheme to worry about since the FTC requested that a U.S. district court in Las […]

Door-to-Door Sales Spring in to Action

March 20, 2013 Michael 0

As we move in to Spring, persons spring in to action, moving door-to-door to sell what they can. While   many  door-to-door  salespersons  are  honest,  BBB  receives  troubling complaints  from  consumers  who purchased items like magazines that never came, cosmetics and […]