Money That Talks

September 30, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB occasionally hears of horror stories from people whose limited eye sight has led to them being taken advantage of when exchanging currency. There is good news for those needing help with reading those all-mighty dollars. As an interim […]

Calls From 559-515-8002

September 30, 2014 Tom 3

Recently we discussed several types of schemes involving consumers receiving phone calls from representatives claiming that they noticed that computers were infected with viruses/malware. As you are aware, we at the BBB® also receive such calls as well, but on […]

FTC Case Halts Alleged Diploma Mill

September 26, 2014 Amanda 0

Many consumers may be choosing to go back to school to earn their high school diploma in order to help get them into college, gain employment or join the military. Unfortunately, there are “diploma mills” online that will take your […]

A Victory for Online Shoppers

September 23, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB receives calls and formal complaints from people who order online, and then have to wait months to receive their products, if at all. The Federal Trade Commission has updated a 1975 rule governing mail- and phone-based retailers to […]

Tables Turn On Scammer

September 22, 2014 Amanda 0

In a previous blog post, your BBB® provided information from the Indiana Attorney General’s office and the Internal Revenue Service about people receiving calls from impostor IRS agents. In an e-mail this morning, the Indiana Attorney General wrote, “200 Indiana […]

BBB to Host Shredding Event

September 19, 2014 Amanda 0

On Saturday, October 11, 2014, BBBs across North America will host a helpful identity theft prevention event called Secure Your ID Day. Your BBB will be one of them. We’ve done several blog posts on identity theft in the past, […]