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21st Century Dating

21st Century Dating - The Beacon


By: Michael

21st Century Dating

Finding a date these days has never been easier. All you need is a smart phone. There can however be a dark side to letting your phone play matchmaker. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps with more than 10 million daily users. If users express mutual interest, they can send each other messages and go from there.

Other dating apps include ‘Grouper’, which organizes group dates for users. And ‘How About We’ lets users propose a date, and if the other person accepts, they can help plan activities.

Many of the dating apps use GPS technology. Users can set a radius, and they will have the option to match anyone in that area. Some apps even show exactly how far away people are from you.

But therein lies one of the big risks. Bad guys can create a false profile and instantly have contact with teens who lie about their ages. There have been a series of crimes linked to dating apps including robberies, carjacking’s and physical assault including rape.

The apps post safety tips to all users: Keep all personal and financial information private until you really know the person, beware of spammers, people asking for money, and posts to 3rd party web sites. Report suspicious characters. If you decide to meet, always meet in public and during the day. Drive your own car and tell a friend where you’re going.

Read Dating App Dangers by Lindsey Rogers.

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