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29 Million Dressers Recalled

29 Million Dressers Recalled - The Beacon


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By: Michael

29 Million Dressers Recalled

Your BBB® has learned that the CPSC and IKEA recently announced a full recall of 29 million top-heavy Malm dressers and chests, plus dresser and chest models that aren’t in the Malm model family. (PDF)

The dressers have been linked to injuries and deaths of three small children. Toppling furniture injures tens of thousands of people in the United States every year. The Malm dresser and chest have been subject to a “repair” program where the retailer sent out wall anchors to customers. IKEA now includes anchoring the piece of furniture to the wall as the last step in its assembly instructions.

Families may have missed the notice, may have ignored it because they don’t have small children, or may not have installed the anchors because they’re renters. The company will offer a refund or store credit for dressers sold in the US within 11 months, and stop selling the model. It has already been removed from the website. If customers like their dressers and want to keep them, the retailer will send a repair crew out to ensure that the piece is anchored to the wall. If you have a dresser and would like to receive a refund and have it removed from your home, or have a crew anchor it to your wall, contact the retailer at 866-856-4532 or email

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