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3 Tips to Decluttering Your Home in the New Year

3 Tips to Decluttering Your Home in the New Year


By: Mandi Ashby

3 Tips to Decluttering Your Home in the New Year
 Out with the old and in with the new! Your #BBB® is here with tips to help you declutter your life after the new year!

Organized chaos can become a state of being until you mentally can’t handle it anymore, you clean it up and a month later you are repeating the cycle all over again.  But what if we could help you declutter your life and help you keep it that way?

Here are a few tips!

[su_heading style=”flat-blue” size=”15″ align=”left”]1. Declutter room by room first, buy things second[/su_heading]

This can be a difficult one. Personally, Pinterest is fantastic at convincing me that I need items to help me organize when in all reality it makes everything more cluttered. Take it from me, be sure to clean, dust, mop or vacuum each room before heading out to try one of your Pinterest experiments. If you concentrate on just one room at a time, then the thought of the whole house won’t be so overwhelming. Those cute organizational boxes and crates can be very alluring but beware that they just might cause more harm than good.

[su_heading style=”flat-blue” size=”15″ align=”left”]2. Rome wasn’t built in a day[/su_heading]

Try not to overwhelm yourself by thinking or planning that you can declutter the whole house in one day! I mean you totally could, but let’s face it…those last 4 hours would be more “just throw it under the bed” rather than organizing. The best thing to do when starting to declutter and purge is to schedule 2-4 hours per space. It could take you longer or shorter but at least you have that time set aside, just in case.

[su_heading style=”flat-blue” size=”15″ align=”left”]3. Divide and Conquer[/su_heading]

While purging and decluttering your home you will find that there are things you want to keep, sell, & toss! In each room start a different pile for each category. Once you have all of your piles sorted you can start to put things back where they need to go. There are many great online websites where you can sell your used items or if you are feeling generous you can always take them to the BBB Accredited Charity Goodwill to give them away!

*Quick Tip: When decluttering your home, be sure to protect yourself by shredding and insuring that personally identifiable information is destroyed before disposing of paper clutter!

After all this hard work, you will most definitely want your home to stay that way! To help you stay on track, try the 1 touch rule, for example, you set your jacket on the dining room table, then hours later you come back pick it up only to get the paper under it and set it back down on the table. This is where the one touch rule can come into effect. Once you pick your jacket up to get the paper under it; this is the first touch rule so you go and put it where it belongs. This rule is great for those just starting out because it won’t completely rule your life where organized chaos used to conquer.  Surprisingly decluttering your home can have many health benefits as well! Studies show that you will be able to concentrate more, ditch the stress and sleep better! I can’t argue with any of those!


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