Using Apps To Stop Robocalls

Using Apps To Stop Robocalls

Using Apps To Stop Robocalls

If robocalls are making your life miserable, there are a few ways to put a stop to this whole situation. Your BBB® would like to remind everyone that there are a few apps available and they can significantly reduce the number of annoying calls. They can help you:

You can install one of these apps on your phone (here’s a list of call blocking apps!) and if they get through to you, you can block the caller manually from your phone’s settings option. Also, if your phone number isn’t on the National Do Not Call Registry, you may want to look into this.

If, after doing so, you still receive unwanted robocalls, you can report them to the FTC. Also, if you’ve been victimized by a scam, you can report your experience to! For more information you can trust, visit!

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