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6 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Summer

6 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Summer


By: Oana Schneider

6 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Summer

Summer is coming, tristate! Your BBB® would like to remind everyone that preparing your business for summer is just as important as making vacation plans! Here are a few ideas you may want to bookmark:

If your summer is usually busy

  1. Monitor trends

Summer is a very fast-paced season: people are traveling more, going out more and even spending more than they regularly do. Keep all these details in mind when planning your summers: what would your clients like this time of year? What would their behavior be like? Where should you start looking for new customers?

  1. Build your network

Attend meetings, find new business partners, look for new ideas. You can also start a community outreach program and ask area residents what they think of your business, your product, and your overall efforts. And here’s a very important question you need to ask your potential customers: “What do you expect from our company?”

  1. Work on your marketing content

Try to refresh your marketing strategies every now and then: update your website information and graphics, find new ways to attract business (print creative flyers, start a blog and connect with your audience, add video content).

If your summers are usually slow:

  1. Update your social media platforms

Social media is very popular nowadays and not just for individuals, but also for businesses. You can start by posting more often, adding relevant information and video content regarding your business. You can then promote your business on social media: tell people what you do and don’t forget to mention all the awards you’ve won: they’ll set you apart from your competition!

  1. Put together a marketing plan for your busy season

Try to anticipate your customers’ needs and behavior in the busy season and prepare a marketing plan to help you with that! You can check last year’s stats and trends and work around them. Also, remember to incorporate new trends in your strategy!

  1. Touch base with your clients

Put together a picnic, a BBQ or a luncheon, invite your top clients and discuss business together. You can easily turn these fun get-togethers into business meetings, get to know people in real life and create strong relationships with everyone present.

Don’t let summer pass you by and prepare adequately and your small business will thrive!

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Oana Schneider is our Director of Media Services. She writes consumer and business oriented articles and is in charge of our community outreach program.