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700 Arrested in IRS Fraud

700 Arrested in IRS Fraud - The Beacon


By: Michael

700 Arrested in IRS Fraud

Mumbai, India – police have captured a gang who made off with at least $7.5 million from U.S. victims who thought they were calling from the IRS. Acting on a tip from a disgruntled employee, police arrested 700 people from a call center in the city of Thane, India where they seized hundreds of servers, hard disks, laptops and other equipment as well as documentation of the fraud.

Your BBB® hears daily from people getting calls from the IRS.

It is thought that operatives in the U.S. supplied personal data of the victims to the criminals via the dark web. Callers were coached in speaking with a U.S. accent and supplied with a six page script to try to convince the victim that they owed back taxes or fines. Payment was to be made via pre-paid cash cards. Authorities in the U.S. are seeking additional persons. This was by far the most popular fraud in 2015.

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