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A Handy Consumer Resource Publication

A Handy Consumer Resource Publication - The Beacon


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By: Michael

A Handy Consumer Resource Publication

While there is so much great consumer information on the internet, sometimes we simply want this great info all in one place. The best single document I have found thus far is the Consumer Action Handbook from

Published annually, you can either order print copies using the form, or  view the entire Handbook online in PDF Format.

A few of the many topics covered include: banking, cars, financing, insurance, home ownership and repair, credit cards, food and nutrition, tips for college students, weight loss, healthcare, internet, investing, phones, privacy, shopping from home, telemarketing, travel, television choices, public utilities, wills, funerals and more.

Part II covers the process of filing a complaint including: contacting the seller, contacting third parties like the Better Business Bureau, dispute resolution programs, small claims court, legal help and information, reporting fraud and safety hazards and a sample complaint letter. Part III covers key information resources for emergency preparedness, teachers, persons with disabilities and military personnel.

Finally, to call or write an organization, use the directory beginning on page 63. You’ll find addresses, phone numbers and web sites for federal and state government, consumer watchdogs, and the 122 Better Business Bureau offices in the U.S. and Canada.

This publication is a must-read for any savvy consumer, and as always, your BBB is here with helpful information on businesses, general advice and complaint services.  Visit us on the web or call us at 812-473-0202.


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Michael is our Business Information Specialist and will be writing at least one article per week for the consumer education blog. He works with accredited businesses to ensure we maintain current contact information and licensing. He is usually first to answer the phone; so odds are good you will be speaking with him when calling our office.