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ABCs of Buying Your First Home

ABCs of Buying Your First Home - The Beacon


By: Beth

ABCs of Buying Your First Home

Since the foreclosure crisis began, consumers have been looking for simple answers to a complex problem.  Common questions we hear at the BBB include how one can avoid foreclosure, how to differentiate between different kinds of mortgages, where to get advice, and what steps to take when buying a first home.  

While there have been many news articles written on the subject, I’ve been looking for a one-stop source for first-time homebuyers that will provide simple answers to our questions.  I’ve finally found a great collection of answers and resources on the following sites.  Learn if you’re ready to buy your first home, learn steps to take to get there, sign up for courses with counselors, and learn all about closing.  And if you have questions about a particular company or offer, contact your BBB. 

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Buying a Home

HUD: Local Home Buying Programs

NeighborWorks America: Ready for Homeownership?

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Beth was Director of BBB Services and wrote for the consumer education blog from 2008 to 2011. Beth also managed projects of the Tri-State Better Business Bureau Foundation, including the Student of Integrity Scholarship and senior citizen education programs, and she worked with local charities as a part of our charity reporting service.