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Apple Removes Multiple Infected Apps from Their App Store

Apple Removes Multiple Infected Apps from Their App Store - The Beacon


By: Michael

Apple Removes Multiple Infected Apps from Their App Store

Your BBB® offers tips for keeping your mobile phones safe and restoring to factory default if compromised.

Security researchers from Palo Alto Networks (PANW) discovered that 39 iPhone and iPad apps were infected with malware including the very popular WeChat, used by as many as 600 million.

Apple believes hackers were not able to steal customers’ information or money, though the investigation continues. XcodeGhost is a piece of malware that can steal data and trick people into providing personal information. The malware removes information off the device like the device’s name, country and unique identifiers. According to Palo Alto Networks, it may also have the ability to push dialogue boxes to your iPhone or iPad screen to steal your username and password or other personal info. The malware may also be able to open websites in your mobile browser, which could be used for a variety of malicious purposes including phishing and installing other potentially malicious software.

The creator(s) behind XcodeGhost repackaged a tool used by legitimate iOS and OSX developers to create apps. When developers created their apps using this tampered-with tool, they unknowingly inserted malware into their apps. Developers did need to knowingly disable some security checks in order to use this tool.

Lookout Full List of Affected iOS Apps and What You Should Do!

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