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Attorney General Reports a Decrease in Robocalls

Attorney General Reports a Decrease in Robocalls - The Beacon


By: Jason

Attorney General Reports a Decrease in Robocalls

Your Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews press releases from the FTC and Attorney General’s office for information that pertains to consumers in our coverage area. The Indiana Attorney General’s office issued a press release dated 5/16/14 announcing a significant decrease in complaints regarding robocalls. Your BBB has written numerous blog posts in the past regarding robocalls. These calls are dialed by computers and present a recorded sales pitch that prompts the recipient to interact by pressing buttons. Recipients of such calls should hang up and never press any buttons. Pressing any button, even if the option is to opt out, will tell the computer that you are a valid number and you will likely continue to receive calls. Typically any caller ID information pertaining to these calls is spoofed making it extremely difficult to trace such calls.

The press release reports that the Indiana Attorney General’s office has seen a decrease in robocall complaints from 1,000 per month two years ago to 550 per month currently. The press release also reports that about half of all “Do Not Call” complaints received by the Indiana AG still involve robocalls. Your BBB has previous quoted the FTC’s remarks that most robocalls are illegal and the press release from the Indiana Attorney General echoes that statement.

While robocalls may be declining, your BBB stills receives calls from concerned consumers who have received a robocall. Again if you do receive such a call, hang up without pressing any buttons. For more information you can trust visit

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Jason was the Manager of Dispute Resolution Services with the BBB and primary handled consumer complaints. He also assisted consumers with business inquiries. He was a regular contributor to the blog.