A Personal Farewell: Some Favorites

January 27, 2012 Beth 0

Today is my last day with the Tri-State BBB and so my last day writing for this blog. I’ve enjoyed posting here and I have some favorites from the past three years that I’d like to revisit today. Here they […]

Thinking Spring: Lawn Work Licensing Facts

January 23, 2012 Beth 0

Even though it’s cold out side, spring will be here before we know it. And I know many of our readers are already thinking about fixing up their lawns in preparation for warm days.  If you’re like me, you’ll have […]

Website Helps to Make Sense of Healthcare Costs

January 19, 2012 Beth 0

Although we welcome all inquiries, there are some things your BBB simply can’t handle. Beyond billing and customer service issues, healthcare falls into that category.  And so I wanted to share a website with our readers that can help you […]

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Pre-paid Debit Cards: Everybody’s Doing It

January 18, 2012 Beth 0

There has been a lot of attention paid to a new pre-paid debit card on the market. I’m going to add to that with this post addressing Suze Orman’s new “The Approved Card”. But unlike the other authors you’ll find […]

Energy-Saving Devices Revisited: Heaters

January 17, 2012 Beth 0

Search for “energy saving” on the internet and you’ll find results directing you to a variety of sites informing you how to conserve “energy”, reduce your usage, learn about governmental standards, or purchase a variety of products from companies with […]

More on Protecting Consumers From Unsafe Products

January 11, 2012 Beth 0

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released the following news item this week informing the public of a new effort: Proactive at the Ports: CPSC Stops Unsafe Products Before They Reach Consumers WASHINGTON, D.C. – Stepped up efforts by the U.S. […]