Global Payments Security Breach

April 4, 2012 Jackie 0

Global Payments Inc., one of the largest processors of credit card transactions, announced on Friday, March 30, that card data from an estimated 1.5 million accounts had been exposed.  The breach occurred sometime between January 21 and February 25, and […]

Political Robocalls

March 28, 2012 Jackie 0

With the political season now in full swing, have you noticed you’re getting an increasing number of political phone calls?  Well, the Indiana Attorney General announced good news for Hoosiers.  According to a March 23, 2012 press release, the Indiana […]

Facebook and Your Social Security Number

March 21, 2012 Jackie 1

Think you’re safe posting basic information about yourself on Facebook, MySpace, or other social networking sites?  Guess again. 8.5% of the social security numbers of people born since 1989 can be successfully guessed by computer programs using information from your […]

Social Security Scams Alert

March 14, 2012 Jackie 1

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced good news for Social Security and SSI recipients—they are receiving a 3.6% cost of living increase this year—scammers are taking advantage of this news.  Here are some social security scams making the […]

Utility Line Protection Plans

February 29, 2012 Jackie 0

This seems to be the season for utility companies to send bill inserts urging their customers to purchase a service plan or type of warranty on the various utility lines on the customer’s property.  Sometimes the coverage is offered by […]

Tax Time Part II

February 22, 2012 Jackie 0

Last week we told you how to use free tax preparation software to e-file your taxes, but not all of us have computers.  If you don’t have a computer and need help preparing your tax return, here are some organizations […]

Tax Time, Part I

February 15, 2012 Jackie 0

It’s that time of the year that all of us dread—tax time!  The IRS is trying to make things a little easier for taxpayers this year with its Free File program.  The IRS has entered into a partnership with 15 […]

Online Dating Safety Tips

February 8, 2012 Jackie 1

It’s February, the month of romance.  With 20 million Americans using online dating sites, it seems like the perfect time to brush up on tips for physical and financial safety in online dating.  There are over 1,000 online dating sites, […]