Tips to Consider With Pet Insurance

July 8, 2016 Susan 0

Many consumers care for their household pets as if they were another human family member. Some are looking closer at the ingredients in their food, considering special supplements for their aches and pains or providing special household items to help […]

Beware of Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

June 23, 2016 Susan 0

Recently our BBB® heard about a common scam resurfacing in our area. This scam, and some very similar, have been around for many years, but new twists or popularity seem to cause increases in victims from time to time. The […]

Why You Should “Look for the Seal”

June 14, 2016 Susan 0

Consumers have many decisions to make when they purchase goods and services. With many businesses vying for a consumer’s attention, it can be difficult to know which businesses will best fit their needs and will meet their expectations. We, at […]

Tips for Door-to-Door Home Security Solicitations

April 29, 2016 Susan 0

Warm weather months typically mean an increase in the occurrence of door-to-door sales for many consumers. One common category for these type sales is home security services and systems. The Tri-State BBB® has received several calls, just this week, with […]

Saving on Prescription Medications

January 4, 2016 Susan 0

As many of us look for new ways to cut costs and budget better in the New Year, prescription medication costs, and the possibility of raising prices, can be an area of concern. Your BBB® would like to share with […]