Vehicle Hacking Concerns

May 12, 2016 Tom 0

While doing a little research on technology scams, I came across information from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (, and learned more about the topic of vehicle hacking.  So your BBB® wants to pass along information about some issues and […]

Political Robocalls End In Indiana

March 29, 2016 Tom 0

As many of our readers are aware, your BBB® has warned our community about the various robocalls offering things such as reduced credit card interest rates.  These calls employ the use of auto dialers which have phone numbers loaded into […]

Tax Scam Calls Increasing in Our Area

March 16, 2016 Tom 0

BBB® serving Evansville and the Tri-State has received a noticeable increase in calls from consumers who have been contacted by someone alleging to be from the IRS. According to information provided by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), […]

Credit Card Cloning and The EMV Chip

March 2, 2016 Tom 0

I looked through some of my e-mails and noticed a number of them dealt with the topic of credit/debit card cloning. So I decided to a little research on the topic to provide information to readers of The Beacon, our […]

Credit Card Fraud Still a Problem

February 16, 2016 Tom 0

Over the years, your BBB® has provided warnings regarding credit card scams and security breaches. When the new EMV chip credit and debit cards were introduced, they were to provide greater security for their users. According to a US News […]

Online Vehicle Sale Scam – Military Scam

February 1, 2016 Tom 0

Periodically we see this scam appear, and your BBB wants to let our readers know that they need to be cautious when responding to this kind of ad in any online publication. In this case, a vehicle is being offered […]

Giving Tuesday

November 27, 2015 Tom 0

Giving Tuesday began in 2012, and it is observed on the Tuesday immediately following Thanksgiving. It was instituted as a way to get us all to think about being philanthropic just ahead of the Christmas holiday season. Your BBB wants […]

FTC Takes Action Against Illegal Debt Collection Practices

November 6, 2015 Tom 0

For the past couple of years or so, consumers have contacted your BBB with questions and concerns regarding calls they’ve received from supposed debt collectors. These “collectors” use heavy-handed techniques which include making threats of damaging credit, and even arrest […]

Consumer Fraud Task Force

September 28, 2015 Tom 0

Recently members of law enforcement, consumer protection agencies, and your Tri-State BBB® met to discuss various scams affect members of our community, and we, in consensus, stated that the number one fraud occurring right now is the phony IRS collection […]