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BBB® Charity Reporting System

BBB® Charity Reporting System - The Beacon


By: Tom

BBB® Charity Reporting System

It seems that many of us are bombarded by organizations seeking our financial assistance for medical research, disaster relief, or by other fraternal or philanthropic organizations soliciting donations.  Our current disaster is Hurricane Matthew. 

Your BBB® not only provides information regarding nationally known charities, but we also offer information regarding local charities as well.  Regardless of the size of the charity, they must meet 20 standards for charity accountability to receive BBB accreditation.

Donors are looking for charities they can trust to use their donations in the most efficient and effective way, and the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability helps to fulfill this goal.  Here are the 20 standards accredited charities must uphold.

Your BBB doesn’t evaluate the worthiness of a charity’s cause, but does ensure that standards of financial accountability are met.  This is another phase of self-regulation, which has been a cornerstone of the BBB for more than 100 years.

Something we’ve seen over the years is the creation of sound-alike charity names, and we provide charity reports to donors so they can trust that their funds are going to the real organization rather than a sham.  Three times a year, your BBB provides a Wise Giving Guide to assist you with your giving decisions.  Since information is updated on a frequent basis, you may wish to check out for a specific charity. 

Newly created charities would not be eligible for accreditation; however, it would be helpful for such charities to be listed with your BBB so a track record could be established.  Charities voluntarily provide documentation to the BBB showing things such as fund-raising expenses, the purpose of the charity, its governance, as well as other financial disclosures.  All this helps to create transparency and to instill trust.

It is the purpose of the BBB to create a marketplace where consumers, businesses, and charities can feel trust. 

Therefore, we encourage local charities to provide information for evaluation to assist potential donors with their charitable giving decisions.  This is another way by which you can Start With Trust® with your BBB.  For a local Charity Report, visit

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Tom is Vice President for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau. In addition to answering the needs of our accredited businesses, Tom can be seen on WEVV providing tips for businesses and consumers. He also works closely with other local media outlets to keep our community informed of marketplace issues affecting our area.