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Beware When Considering Medical Discount Cards

Beware When Considering Medical Discount Cards - The Beacon


By: Jason

Beware When Considering Medical Discount Cards

Your BBB routinely receives calls from consumers who have received an offer for a prescription discount card. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a press release on 9/16/13 that reminds us of the potential dangers that can be associated with some of these offers.

According to the FTC press release, they have been working with other agencies and organizations including the BBB in Wisconsin to shut down what they refer to as a scheme targeting both American and Canadian consumers. In this particular case the FTC claims that calls were coming from a telemarketing group in Canada who took consumers’ banking information by phone for cards that were actually free and provided little or no benefit. In some cases they allegedly told consumers that they had to do this to continue to receiving Medicare or Social Security benefits.

If you receive such a call remember that Medicare or Social Security will not call you asking for your banking information. Never give your banking information over the phone unless you are absolutely certain who you are talking to. If you are considering a prescription drug discount card program, be sure to check out the business with your BBB. Also be sure that the program is compatible with your insurance coverage and again never give your banking information over the phone.

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Jason was the Manager of Dispute Resolution Services with the BBB and primary handled consumer complaints. He also assisted consumers with business inquiries. He was a regular contributor to the blog.