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Can We Do More About Spam Than Just Deleting It?

Can We Do More About Spam Than Just Deleting It? - The Beacon


By: Jason

Can We Do More About Spam Than Just Deleting It?

From time to time we all receive unwanted and unsolicited emails commonly known as spam. Not only are these emails annoying they can actually contain harmful viruses or malware. They are also used by scammers to try and fool people into providing personal information or sending money for a fake offer.

We here at the BBB strongly urge you not to open spam. Be very suspicious of any emails claiming that you have won something or asking for your help in transferring money from out of the country.

You probably know exactly the kind of emails I’m referring to as they are so common but what can you do about spam emails that you receive? Most of us simply delete them but let me suggest taking some action to reduce spam.

You can actually report spam emails to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by forwarding spam emails to This allows the FTC to add the spam to their database for prosecution. The FTC also recommends reporting the spam to your Internet Service Provider (IPS) although that might take some research to find how to report it. The FTC suggests that most ISPs have an email address to report spam and it usually starts with “abuse@” or “postmaster@”.

The U.S. Postal Service is currently warning consumers on their website about phony emails claiming to be from the post office and provides an email address to report such emails.

As you may have heard, there are numerous spam emails floating around claiming to be from the BBB. If you receive a suspicious email claiming to be from the BBB, do not open it or click on any links and contact us here at the BBB. We would be glad to confirm if it is indeed an email from us.

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Jason was the Manager of Dispute Resolution Services with the BBB and primary handled consumer complaints. He also assisted consumers with business inquiries. He was a regular contributor to the blog.