What Your Phone Tells Your Rental Car

September 6, 2016 Michael 0

When renting a car, people enjoy navigation, hands-free calls and texts, streaming music and even web browsing. Cars with these features might keep your personal information, long after you’ve returned your rental car. Your BBB® offers info for protecting your […]

SIM Swapping Scams

July 13, 2016 Michael 0

Your BBB® has learned of a type of scam occurring. We wanted to make our readers aware that if your phone stops working, it could just be your battery, or something much more sinister. “SIM swapping” involves changing the small, […]

June is Internet Safety Month

June 2, 2016 Jackie 0

With Internet and mobile device usage increasing during the summer months, your BBB® wishes to pass along information about Internet Safety Month from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) (of which BBB is a partner) and ConnectSafely have teamed up […]

Digital Spring Cleaning

April 14, 2016 Jackie 0

Spring is here, and it seems to bring out the urge to clean our living space from top to bottom! Your BBB® and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) encourage consumers to include their computers and other web-connected devices in […]

New Labels Help Consumers Pick Data Plans

April 13, 2016 Michael 0

On April 4, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unveiled a new Consumer Broadband Label to help consumers when signing up for home and mobile data plans. Your BBB® would like to pass on this information to consumers. The new labels […]

Emails Containing Malware Target WhatsApp Users

January 15, 2016 Amanda 0

Your BBB® has learned that users of the messaging platform WhatsApp may be the target of a phishing scheme. According to the website Gizmodo.com.au, an email is being sent to consumers that appears to be from WhatsApp. The emails have […]

More Options to Stop Unwanted Cell Calls

January 12, 2016 Michael 0

Consumers Union reports that Aaron Foss, the creator of NomoRobo, plans to roll out an app for iPhone and Android in the coming weeks. Foss’s NomoRobo was the co-winner of the Federal Trade Commission’s 2013 Robocall Challenge. Foss has offered […]