Remote Control Crime

September 15, 2015 Michael 0

Do you own, or have any interest in owning technologies allowing you to control your home from a device, or from another location? This includes security systems, lighting, kitchen appliances, televisions, Wi-Fi cameras, video monitors, wireless heart monitors, insulin dispensers, […]

Be Cautious When Evaluating a Home Security System

September 14, 2015 Tom 0

Spring and summer are usually the peak season for people coming to your door to sell you a home security system. Your BBB®, the FTC, and states Attorneys General provide precautionary tips when considering the purchase of a home security […]

What to Do About Unwanted Calls & Texts

August 28, 2015 Amanda 0

Your BBB® continues to receive calls for consumers who are still receiving unwanted robocalls and text messages. Whether they are offering to lower your credit card interest rate or claim you’ve won a prize, these calls and texts are, at […]

Farcing, The Latest Form of ID Theft

August 27, 2015 Michael 0

“Phishing” attempts to get you to disclose personal information via email or telephone. “Smishing” refers to deceptive text messages, and “Vishing” refers to deceptive voicemails. Your BBB® is receiving a dramatic increase of calls concerning the use of Social Media […]

Listing Service Schemes Continue

July 16, 2015 Tom 0

Watch out for unbelievable bargains on listing services! Your BBB® is aware of bargain prices being offered on popular listing services asking the buyer to provide the funds via electronic transfer. Here’s the catch. The item being offered for sale […]

FTC Updates Testimonial/Endorsement Guidelines

June 26, 2015 Amanda 0

Your BBB® has recently learned that the Federal Trade Commission has updated their disclosure guidelines for testimonials to include social media posts and contests. In late May, the FTC updated the “What Are People Asking” page for its endorsement guidelines […]

Pre-Trial Intervention Litigation

June 24, 2015 Tom 0

In the past couple of days, we’ve seen e-mails from colleagues from two BBBs regarding telephone calls to consumers stating that there was pending litigation against them. The caller uses the name of the actual government agency that allegedly is […]