Choosing a Credit Card

June 22, 2016 Jackie 0

A February 2016 survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates found that 25 million consumers have had their credit card for 10 years or more and 20 million have never changed their credit card. We are a loyal bunch, but should […]

2016 Money Smart Week

April 28, 2016 Amanda 0

April 23 – 30, 2016 is Money Smart Week, and your BBB® would like to bring you news about this important week. According to, “Money Smart Week is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their […]

Credit Card Cloning and The EMV Chip

March 2, 2016 Tom 0

I looked through some of my e-mails and noticed a number of them dealt with the topic of credit/debit card cloning. So I decided to a little research on the topic to provide information to readers of The Beacon, our […]

Credit Card Fraud Still a Problem

February 16, 2016 Tom 0

Over the years, your BBB® has provided warnings regarding credit card scams and security breaches. When the new EMV chip credit and debit cards were introduced, they were to provide greater security for their users. According to a US News […]

Shopping Tips for Loans and Credit Cards

January 21, 2016 Jackie 0

Will you be applying for a loan or shopping around for a credit card in 2016? Your BBB® recently read a Press Release from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that outlines some of the tips they have available in […]