ID Thieves – How Did They Get My Information?

June 1, 2017 Jackie 0

Your BBB® receives numerous calls from consumers who have been targeted by scammers or who have been victims of credit card fraud. Invariably, they ask how these thieves obtained their information. These are some of the ways in which scammers […]

“You’ve Won a Government Grant”

October 14, 2016 Amanda 0

We’ve written about this before, but it always seems to come around again.  In fact, just yesterday, your BBB® received at least 3 phone calls from consumers who’ve been offered a grant usually amounting to thousands of dollars either for […]

Global Mass Mailing Fraud Schemes Halted

September 28, 2016 Jackie 0

Many of the consumers who come to your BBB® bring letters they have received telling them they have won a large sum of money. They want to know if the offers are legitimate. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are not. […]

New Rules Allow Debt Collection Robocalls from the Feds

August 16, 2016 Michael 0

Your BBB® receives many inquiries on third party collections. The Federal Communications Commission released its final rules allowing the federal government and some third party contractors to make debt-collection robocalls to wireless lines. These robocalls can begin as soon as […]