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“Purple is the New Green”

October 2, 2007 Misty 0

Associated Press economics writer Martin Crutsinger reports from the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing that changes are being made to the five dollar bill to thwart counterfeiters. The new security features”added color and watermarks”should deter counterfeiters from bleaching […]

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Identity Theft Victims: What to Do Next

September 17, 2007 Amy 1

We’ve done many posts about identity theft prevention, but what do you do after you’ve become a victim of identity theft? The Identity Theft Resource Center has compiled some useful information in their Fact Sheet 104: My Wallet or PDA […]

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Job Seekers: Protect Your Identity!

September 10, 2007 Amy 2

The internet has become an incredibly useful tool for those seeking employment; but with the increased visibility of one’s resume comes risk! In light of the recent hack into, we’ve compiled some useful information for job seekers interested in […]

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Indiana’s New Credit Freeze Law

September 4, 2007 Misty 2

Starting September 1, Indiana became one of about 40 states that allow residents to place a freeze on their credit reports. The freeze gives the consumer the ability to restrict who accesses their credit report in most instances, providing a […]

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Zombie Computers

August 17, 2007 Amy 1 has provided this useful and interesting information on zombie computers–what they are and how you can prevent yours from becoming one.

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Social Security Swindle

August 13, 2007 Amy 0

Sometimes, as much as we hate to have to wade through junk mail, it pays to go through and read all of your mail! Just ask an Arkansas woman who opened a letter from the Social Security Administration that began, […]

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Grant Scams

August 10, 2007 Amy 0

We seem to be hearing about it more often lately, so here’s some helpful information regarding those companies and organizations who claim they’ll get you a government grant for a fee.

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Consumer Alert!

August 9, 2007 Amy 0

People in the Tri-State area have been getting phone calls from unnamed individuals who address them by name and claim they are from the bank. The caller then informs them that their bank account number is being changed and tells […]