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Summer Scams

August 7, 2007 Amy 1

Summer may bring children a break from school, but it surely brings no respite for consumers from the crafty, sneaky scammers of the world! One very prolific scam that warrants repeated warnings is the counterfeit check/lottery scam. This is how […]

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Investing in (and for) Your Children

August 6, 2007 Amy 3

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a college fund for your child, or perhaps you just want to put something away for your child’s future. You’ve got a lot of options, ranging anywhere from basic savings accounts, to savings bonds, […]

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Credit Commandments

August 3, 2007 Amy 2

Recently, Consumerist posted a very witty and useful bit of information regarding using credit wisely. The Consumerist’s 10 Commandments of Credit advises thusly: 1. Thou Shalt Pay Off Your Balance In Full Every Month. Keeping a balance on a credit […]

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Facing Foreclosure?

August 2, 2007 Amy 2

Worried about your ability to pay your mortgage? Thoughts of foreclosure weighing you down? Don’t wait and let your problems pile up”educate yourself and find out how you can deal with the situation proactively! The BBB has compiled a wealth […]

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Health Coverage: Finding the Right Fit

July 31, 2007 Amy 0

Oh, the ever-daunting topic of health coverage! It’s intimidating for everyone, and for good reason. The kind of health coverage we have dictates the kind of health care we get, it’s often the one big Unknown in our budgets, and […]

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Be Cell Phone Savvy!

July 30, 2007 Amy 0

Cell phones can really help you in times of need. Here are some little-known things you can do with your phone: ~In an emergency dial 1-1-2”this is the worldwide number for mobile phones. Even when you’re out of your coverage […]

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Dealing with Door-to-Door Sales

July 27, 2007 Amy 0

Some may think that the door-to-door salesman is from a bygone era”that’s not true! If you spend enough time at home during the day, you’ll find that a solicitor is bound to come knocking on your door. These aren’t just […]

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Babies with Bad Credit?

July 26, 2007 Amy 1

No one is immune from identity theft, it seems.  Even children and infants are at risk for identity theft, according to a recent article in The New York Times.  According to the article: The F.T.C. and privacy specialists caution against blowing the problem […]

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The 4-1-1 on 2-1-1

July 24, 2007 Amy 2

There’s a little known resource out there that you may want to get to know a bit better.  It’s an easy number to remember and it helps you access a wealth of health and human services available in the community.  […]

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Travel Smart

July 23, 2007 Amy 1

It’s a fact”people travel.  They travel for business, they travel for pleasure.  Many travelers, especially those conducting business afar, need to stay connected and that need is being met via Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi enables laptop users to connect to the internet […]