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Are Tax ID Thieves Targeting You?

February 1, 2017 Jackie 0

January 30 – February 3, 2017 is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. Your BBB® would like to share information about this week. The purpose is to make people aware of tax identity theft and how to recognize and prevent it. […]

FTC Announces New ID Theft Report

November 9, 2016 Jackie 0

When your BBB® is out in the community making presentations to groups, there is almost always at least one person who has been the victim of identity theft. For many victims, it is difficult to know what to do first. […]

2016 National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October 6, 2016 Jackie 0

Did you know that more than one-third of U.S. consumers have experienced a computer virus, hacking incident or other cyber attack in the last year? This startling fact came from a September 2016 cyber risk research survey by HSB. To […]

Business ID Theft: A Growing Problem

August 23, 2016 Tom 0

As many of our readers are aware, identity theft is still one of the most pervasive crimes perpetrated against people.  A growing concern is the rise in business ID theft.  Your BBB® also wants consumers to understand that this form […]

June is Internet Safety Month

June 2, 2016 Jackie 0

With Internet and mobile device usage increasing during the summer months, your BBB® wishes to pass along information about Internet Safety Month from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) (of which BBB is a partner) and ConnectSafely have teamed up […]

Your Medication Prescriptions are No Secret

March 24, 2016 Michael 0

An article in Consumer Reports tells how our medical information is not as private as many would like. When you fill a prescription, you may assume your medication is between you, the pharmacist, and your doctor. But a surprising number […]

Imposter Scams

February 12, 2016 Amanda 0

Your BBB® continues to hear from consumers, almost daily, regarding a call, email or text from someone claiming that they have computer problems, won a prize or owe money. We want to help spread the word that most of these […]

2016 State of the Phish

February 9, 2016 Michael 0

According to a new report from Wombat Security, phishing attacks against businesses are on the rise. Surveyed Organizations willing to disclose, indicated they have suffered malware infections (42 percent), compromised accounts (22 percent), and loss of data (4 percent). Your […]