Government Postal Jobs

July 23, 2012 Tom 0

Recently your Tri-State BBB has learned that ads have been running in local newspapers offering people information about employment with the United States Postal Service.  One consumer who contacted the BBB said that the company in question wanted a fee […]

Big Bucks Just for Shopping?

July 20, 2012 Amanda 0

In this economy, everyone is looking for any way to make money to help support themselves and their families, and you may be tempted by promises of high income.  Often these offers or promises are made through advertisements for work […]

2012 London Summer Olympics Scams

July 11, 2012 Jackie 1

With the 2012 London Summer Olympics coming July 27 through August 12, consumers should be on the lookout for spammers, malicious Olympic-related websites, and other attacks.  The 2008 Beijing Olympics reportedly received 12 million online attacks per day, and this […]

Get Rich Quick?—Not So Fast!

May 9, 2012 Jackie 0

Make $150 an hour!  Solve puzzles & earn money! Start a Home Business with 5-Figure Potential!  Yes, the offers are everywhere promising you an easy way to make lots of money.  Unfortunately, instead of making money, consumers end up losing […]

Be Careful When Searching for Employment

April 27, 2012 Amanda 0

In the next couple of weeks, many college students in the area will be graduating and their next step will be finding a job.  We all know about the economic situation and the job market so it may already be […]

A Personal Farewell: Some Favorites

January 27, 2012 Beth 0

Today is my last day with the Tri-State BBB and so my last day writing for this blog. I’ve enjoyed posting here and I have some favorites from the past three years that I’d like to revisit today. Here they […]

FTC Helps Those Seeking Business or Work-at-Home Opportunities

December 1, 2011 Beth 0

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved changes to its Business Opportunity Rule which means consumers will “have the information they need when considering buying a work-at-home program or any other business opportunity”. The rule accomplishes this by simplifying […]