Recent Scams to Be Aware Of

November 15, 2011 Beth 0

Here are a few of the latest scams the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( wants consumers to be aware of: “Fraudster Double-Dipping” A fraudster posts a “nonexistent vehicle” for sale online.  (Accompanying photos are from another post and details are […]

BBB Issues Warning About Veterans’ Day Scams

November 11, 2011 Beth 0

“Most cynical scams” take advantage of those who serve and those who support them Some of the most cynical scams target service members, their families and veterans, warns the Better Business Bureau. Veterans’ Day is a key opportunity for scammers […]

No, the IRS Isn’t Emailing You.

November 7, 2011 Beth 0

Don’t just take it from us: according to the IRS, they will never try to contact you via email. Read more from the IRS on phishing scams and how to recognize fraudulent communications claiming to be from the Internal Revenue […]

Your Child’s Identity Is Not Safe. Now What?

October 17, 2011 Beth 0

It’s National Protect Your Identity Week. Recent news has focused on growing threats to a child’s identity and so we wanted to revisit the topic and offer some practical advice and resources from the pros: What: Child identity theft for […]