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Changes to 2008-2009 Student Loans

Changes to 2008-2009 Student Loans - The Beacon


By: Misty

Changes to 2008-2009 Student Loans

j0427686.jpgLooking for a student loan? MoneySmart reporter Walecia Konrad has good news for the college-bound student and his or her parents:

Students can now borrow more loan money

Dependent full-time undergrads applying for government Stafford loans can now apply for $3,500 for their freshman year; $4,500 for their sophomore year; and $5,500 thereafter. Graduate and independent students have also had their maximum loan amount increased due to changes Congress passed in 2007.

Interest rates reduced

Undergraduates will pay 6% interest on subsidized Stafford loans during the 2008-2009 school year. That rate is scheduled to drop gradually each year to 3.4% by 2011-2012.

Changes to loan forgiveness

Here’s a great incentive to work in the public service sector: the government will forgive outstanding balances on a federal direct loan after you’ve made 120 monthly payments on the loan (after October 1, 2007) if you work full time in a public service job.

Reduced monthly payments are also available to graduates with low incomes.

For more information about student loans, visit

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