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Con Artists Use Tractor, Truck Sale Ads to Target Victims

Con Artists Use Tractor, Truck Sale Ads to Target Victims


By: Oana Schneider

Con Artists Use Tractor, Truck Sale Ads to Target Victims

Your BBB has learned of a warning issued by the Kentucky Attorney General regarding fraudulent advertisements published in the classified section of a few local newspapers, as well as online.

According to this warning, the affected counties are Bath, Barren, Franklin, and Jefferson. One of these ads involves a heavily discounted John Deere tractor, others focus on Toyota or Chevrolet pickup trucks.

The way the scam works is: the sale ad doesn’t look suspicious at first, providing pictures of the vehicle and a contact number. But when people call the phone number, there’s no answer. Instead, they receive text messages from a person who identifies herself as Molly Carter.

Her story is: the vehicle belonged to her late husband and she needs to sell it since she’s decided to move overseas and can no longer afford to keep it. The scammer even offers to send more pictures to interested parties.

To avoid this type of scam, the Office of the Attorney General recommends that you pay attention to a few details when browsing sale ads:

[su_heading style=”flat-blue” size=”18″ align=”left”]1. Be wary of deeply-discounted items[/su_heading]

Compare prices online and in person before making a purchase and don’t send your information to unknown individuals! For vehicle sales, you can request copies of titles and local tax receipts as well as the VIN number to run a detailed vehicle history report.

[su_heading style=”flat-blue” size=”18″ align=”left”]2. Research the seller and ask to see the item in person[/su_heading]

Ask the seller many questions about their item and ask to meet in a public place to view the item in person. If they refuse, that could be a red flag.

[su_heading style=”flat-blue” size=”18″ align=”left”]3. If you’ve decided to make a purchase, use verified methods of payment[/su_heading]

This means no money transfers, gift cards, reloadable cards, Green Dot cards and so on. Reputable dealers don’t request these types of transactions.

If you have questions, you can contact the Office of the Attorney General at 888 – 432 – 9257 or reach out to your BBB. To report a scam, go to!

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Oana Schneider is our Director of Media Services. She writes consumer and business oriented articles and is in charge of our community outreach program.