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Dating Service Advice

Dating Service Advice - The Beacon


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By: Mary Beth

Dating Service Advice

There are a lot of places to receive advice about choosing the right dating service for you as well as how to best present yourself on these sites but I am going to take a different view on the matter. I encourage you to evaluate these services just as you would any other investment of your money and time. Investigate your options and make an informed decision before signing a contract. If you are thinking of using a dating service, keep reading:

¢ Consider the differences between an online service and a personal, local service and decide which is best for your situation.

¢ Understand what you can reasonably expect from the service versus the investment that you will be making. Dating/introduction services are very personal/personalized, so be prepared to answer private or questions of an intimate nature. Make sure that you will be comfortable with the program you are offered.

¢ Do not feel pressured to sign up on the spot. Read and understand all contractual agreements before signing. Ask questions about any sections that are not clear. Don’t accept verbal promises; make sure that everything is clearly spelled out in the contract.

¢ Ask for references and check them. Inquire as to the specific number of members, ratio of women to men, and their ages.

¢ Discover what options are available if you are unhappy with the service, before you commit. Will they extend your contract services or set you up with additional contacts? Dating services are notorious for their strict (or absent) refund policies; find out under what conditions (if any) you would be entitled to a refund.

¢ Also, check the BBB for a reliability report before doing business and look for the BBB online seal.

Dating and introduction services can be a tool for singles to meet others. Remember that in addition to being a dating choice, there is a financial investment involved, so be responsible.

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