Deloitte Data Breach: What You Don’t Know

Deloitte Data Breach: What You Don’t Know

Deloitte Data Breach: What You Don’t Know

Your BBB® would like to inform area residents of another data breach that could potentially put people’s personal information at risk. After the major hit took by Equifax, when 143 million consumers fell prey to a cyber attack, accounting giant Deloitte reported a similar breach.

The company deals with both private and government clients who rely on them for a wide range of services like auditing, taxes, consultancy, and even cybersecurity advice. The company mentioned that only a few clients were affected so far, hackers gaining access to usernames, passwords, IP addresses and health information.

“In response to a cyber incident, Deloitte implemented its comprehensive security protocol and began an intensive and thorough review,” said a spokesperson for Deloitte.

Since cyber-attacks are nearly impossible to predict, make sure to do your due diligence and check your annual credit reports on time, monitor your debit and credit card balances at all time and report all irregularities to the authorities. For more information you can trust, visit!

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