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DNR warns of Boy Scout Troop 399 Wreaths having Boxwood Blight

DNR warns of Boy Scout Troop 399 Wreaths having Boxwood Blight


By: Andrew Erk

DNR warns of Boy Scout Troop 399 Wreaths having Boxwood Blight

Your BBB has learned that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is warning of wreaths purchased from Boy Scout Troop 399 in Evansville, Indiana, as containing the fungal disease of Boxwood Blight.

According to the DNR, Boxwood Blight, though not harmful to humans, is a destructive disease of the boxwood plant family. The boxwood plant is commonly used in landscaping plants, and shrubs, leaving a large number of plants at risk of catching, and spreading, this disease.

In order to help stop the spread of Boxwood Blight, the DNR in conjunction with Troop 399, is asking people to return their wreaths. If your wreath was purchased from Troop 399 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church located at 2701 West Franklin Street, Evansville, Indiana, place the wreath in a large trash bag, tie it shut and return it by December 17th. Bring the bag to the sales location where an attendee will be waiting to pick up the wreaths from 10am to 9pm until December 17th. If an attendee is unavailable, or you reach the lot outside of the times an attendee will be present, place the tied bag containing the wreath next to the garage by the church parking lot.

In addition to dropping off the wreaths, the DNR is asking for the purchasers’ name, phone number, and address. The DNR will be calling to schedule a time to inspect the property where the wreath was located to help prevent the spread of the blight.

DNR requests that individuals not attempt to dispose of the wreaths yourself, as composting or recycling the wreaths can spread the blight in the surrounding area.

If boxwood plants have contacted the disease from the leaves of the purchased wreath, the leaves will have brown or tan spots with dark borders, dark brown or black lesions developing along the stems, and leaves may turn brown or straw colored causing the leaf to drop.

Christmas trees purchased from Troop 399 are not a concern and may continue to be enjoyed and recycled at a later date.

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