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Donate to “Pink” Causes Wisely

Donate to “Pink” Causes Wisely - The Beacon


By: Susan

Donate to “Pink” Causes Wisely

Fall might be in the air, but pink is definitely the color of the month. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and from products and logos, to signs and events, everything around us seems to be painted in pink.

The BBB encourages consumers and businesses alike to promote worthy causes close to their heart, but also advises that the best support is made through wise buying and giving decisions. Below you can find tips from your BBB on wisely supporting “pink”.

Products in the Pink

A product covered in pink packaging doesn’t necessarily make it a strong contributor to the cause. Read the fine print and learn more if you truly want to know how much money from your purchase is being donated to a breast cancer organization, and which one is supported. You can also check company websites for this disclosure.

The BBB requires all cause-related marketing (such as pink products) to disclose certain information very clearly, through its 20 Standards of Charity Accountability. To learn more, visit

Pink Charities

“Sound-a-like” organizations may present themselves to the community more heavily during special recognition months or near events, yet provide very little support to a charity.  Ask questions about organizations requesting your donation, including information on the charity finances and programs provided. If direct answers are not provided or withheld, don’t give.

Do not feel pressure to give on the spur of the moment and verify who you are giving to before making your donation. Once you decide to give, contact the charity directly and consider writing a check or using a credit card, for the safest donation.

You can visit websites like for a free BBB Charity Review or to learn more about charities and their programs.

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Susan is Director of Media Relations for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau. She is a contributor to the blog as well as to the online News Center, found at Susan also helps to produce an annual accredited business recognition banquet.