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Don’t Get Tricked Into an Employment Scam, Treat Yourself to These Tips

Don’t Get Tricked Into an Employment Scam, Treat Yourself to These Tips - The Beacon


By: Wes

Don’t Get Tricked Into an Employment Scam, Treat Yourself to These Tips

With the job market on the rebound, and the holidays right around the corner, more and more people are looking for employment. Your BBB® has learned of some potential employment offers that may be suspect in the area, some that are targeting mostly young adults between the ages of 18-25. Your BBB is always looking out to keep you protected, and is providing these tips to make sure that you do not fall prey to one of these offers.

Do your homework

-If you see a job listing online, make sure you do a little background research. Be careful of postings that do not give a company name or seem very generic. Always try and find out the company name and do the due diligence.

Be careful on work from home positions

-As with the previous tip, always do your homework on work from home positions. While some of them can be reputable, there are those that can be suspect.

Watch out for offers that ask you to pay the company to work for them.

Some of these alleged scams that are going around ask the potential employee for an “initial investment” in the company. Now, there are valid employment offers that require the employee to purchase supplies, but be careful of a company that seems more interested in charging you a fee to work for them over selling a product.

Be cautious of unbelievable claims

-Watch out for postings that claim that you can make ridiculous amounts of money, all while either working out of the home or working very little at all. Your BBB has learned of several instances where an “area sales rep” contacted potential recruits on various social media sites and job posting boards, making exorbitant claims on income with no actual disclosure. Be cautious of this, as flaunting salary as a means of recruitment without a salary disclosure breaks many FTC guidelines, and more than likely not factual.

So be careful out there. For every sincere offer of employment, there are those that can be suspect.

If you have fallen for an employment scam, or for more information, you can contact the FTC.

Don’t forget to always Start With Trust® and contact your BBB with any questions, comments, or concerns. You can contact us at 812-473-0202 or our website.

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Wes was the Director of Business Affairs and Development at the Tri-State Better Business Bureau.