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Don’t Sweat Summer Utility Bills

Don't Sweat Summer Utility Bills - The Beacon


By: Michael

Don’t Sweat Summer Utility Bills

Your BBB offers many cost-saving tips for your home.

As temperatures rise, so do your utility bills. Cooling a home can account for about one-fourth of all annual electricity costs. There are a number of ways to stay cool and save money on your utility bills. Ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. Turn ceiling fans off when a room is not occupied. Turn off heat-producing interior lights during the day. Try to do your laundry before noon or after 8PM. Keep curtains, drapes and blinds closed. Change filters monthly on heating and air-conditioning units. Dirty or clogged filters slow down the cooling process and cause the system to operate inefficiently. Set the thermostat no lower than 77 degrees while at home. When away from home, set it at least five degrees warmer. You can save cooling costs an average of 3 to 5 percent for every degree higher you set the thermostat. Install a programmable thermostat to save on average $10 monthly, or $120 annually on utilities.

Since 25 to 40 percent of all energy used for cooling and heating is lost from leakage, and more than 40 percent of heat enters through the windows, consider buying reflective window coatings to help keep sunlight from heating up your home. Plant shade trees to further reduce solar impact. Use weather stripping on doors and caulking to seal windows.

For more tips on decreasing your energy bill, check out this Consumer Alert from the Arkansas AG and this information from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

Visit your BBB for more great information you can trust.

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