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Early Work Experience Can Reap Future Benefits

Early Work Experience Can Reap Future Benefits - The Beacon


By: Cathy

Early Work Experience Can Reap Future Benefits

Can it be? Is summer really almost over? One look at my fading flower garden is all it takes to ensure that is the case. As the school year starts, many students will now be looking for part- time jobs in their potential fields. The BBB® wishes to give you a few pointers on putting your best foot forward.

Are you seeking experience that will assist you once you graduate or simply looking for monetary assistance? Obviously the most immediate answer is both! But if you have to choose one over the other, determining which is more important can assist in your decision-making. If you have enough funds available and really need to get some experience under your belt for your resume, then you may wish to consider interning.

If you intern with an organization or business, you may or may not be paid. There are many paid internships, but for those that do not pay, you may earn credits towards certain classes. There should be measures to ensure that you are receiving a meaningful educational experience.

What if you cannot land a position as an employee or intern in your field of choice? Then try to choose a job as closely related as possible. Perhaps there are no openings for a retail buyer’s assistant in your area, but are there store clerk positions available? Just getting your foot in the door at something similar may prove to be beneficial down the line. If you truly hope to climb the ladder in retail (for example), it’s going to look better on your resume to have worked in some area of the field than none at all.

Or if your eventual goal is to work in a hospital, then having some experience in a small medical office may boost you over other applicants.

In the event there are no work-related openings that mesh with your future career and you must choose something else, then consider volunteering in the field of your choice. Contact a business or organization that you would eventually like to work for and see if there are any volunteer opportunities. These can also provide you with some experience in your field.

A good resource is to talk to your teachers and professors or guidance counselors and see what they suggest.  

While many temporary summer positions encourage casual dress, often the types of work available during the fall and winter months may require more business-related attire. Keep that in mind when you begin your search for gainful employment.

The BBB wishes you the best while working towards your future.

For more information, you may contact the BBB at or 812-473-0202 or

This article was written for and appeared in the Evansville Courier & Press, Business Section, on Sunday, August 16, 2015.

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Cathy is the President and CEO of the Tri-State Better Business Bureau.