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Election Scam Asks for $50 to Verify Your Vote

Election Scam Asks for $50 to Verify Your Vote - The Beacon


By: Michael

Election Scam Asks for $50 to Verify Your Vote


Your BBB® hears from many asking on the legitimacy of emails received. A new email is circulating that acts on fears of election fraud.  It is sending out a fake notice from the CIA or FBI telling people to send $50 or their vote in the upcoming election will not count.

The malware installs an image that is supposedly from the CIA and the FBI as an anti-cheat notice demanding $50 to ensure your vote is counted. If the victim actually pays the fee, the notice goes out to an email address. Once the payment is received, it connects to a webpage and downloads the contents of the page. If the page contains the victims hardware ID, it will send a message and delete the fake notice. Although it is obviously a scam, people are believing it and falling victim.

Read Story at Source: Bleeping Computer

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