Evanger Dog Food Recall: Euthanasia Drugs and Horse Meat Contamination

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Your BBB® would like to share information regarding the Evanger dog food recall.  Recently, the company issued a voluntary recall of the entire Against the Grain beef canned food after a woman fed the product to her four pugs only to find them in critical condition minutes later.

Unfortunately, one of the dogs had to be rushed the hospital, but it was too late.  In an interview, Michael Sher, the company vice-president said: “We don’t have pentobarbital in our plant. We don’t have any poisons in our plant”.

He also explained that aside from the euthanasia drug found in the canned food, there were also traces of cattle and horse DNA. On their recall page, Evanger states that “We have taken it upon ourselves to lead the campaign to force the FDA to put an end to allowing drugs like pentobarbital to enter the raw material stream and contaminate our pets’ food and endanger their lives”, blaming the FDA and their meat supplier for the incident.

However, the FDA doesn’t allow this substance to be present in any kind of food: “[pentobarbital] should not be in pet food and its presence as detected by the FDA in these products renders them adulterated”, as shown in this press release.

This would not be the first time the FDA found traces of undeclared meat in Evanger food. In 2013, the FDA sent a letter to the company, warning them that tests have revealed important quantities of beef in their lamb and duck dog and cat foods.

Keep your pets safe and stay informed on this matter!

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