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Fake Debt Collectors Pose as Real Businesses

Fake Debt Collectors Pose as Real Businesses


By: Andrew Erk

Fake Debt Collectors Pose as Real Businesses

Your BBB® has learned about a new scam trending throughout the country. Fraudsters are unafraid to use any tactics to steal your valuable information. The new trend? They are pretending to be lawyers and debt collectors who threaten to send you to jail for debts you don’t have. The worst part? These scammers use the name of real businesses.

The businesses whose names are being used for illicit purposes began receiving phone calls from their customers asking to get in touch with the “debt collectors”. The businesses quickly realized their names were being used in a scheme.

Follow these tips to help prevent that costly mistake.

  1. Ask for a validation notice prior to paying.

    Debt collectors are legally required to send a validation notice within five days of contact. The validation must be in writing. If a validation notice was never received, this is a tell-tale sign of a scammer.

  2. Jail time threats are a common practice used by fraudsters to make you feel threatened into payment.

    This is illegal, and threats of jail time should tell you to hang up the phone immediately and report them to the FTC and!

  3. Always be aware of where your business name is being used.

    Take time to research your business on the internet to ensure people aren’t using your business name for harm. Scam complaints regarding your business name need to be reported to the FTC.

You can also contact your local authorities, FTC and your BBB if you have any questions regarding this issue. For more information you can trust, visit!

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Andrew Erk is our Trade Practice Assistant. He writes about business trends and consumer news and is also our social media, graphic design and digital guru.