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Free Equifax Security Monitoring

Free Equifax Security Monitoring


By: Andrew Erk

Free Equifax Security Monitoring

Your BBB is here to remind you it is not too late to seek help to prevent harm to your credit or even worse; suffering identity theft from the Equifax security breach that took place last year.

You’re likely asking yourself, “what options exist to help protect my credit and identity?” Equifax has been offering a years’ worth of free monitoring services to help you keep safe from everyone trying to take advantage of your stolen information.

If you’re looking to sign up for these services, you must do so by January 31st.

But wait, there is more! You don’t have to be a victim of the Equifax breach to receive this year of free credit monitoring. Simply sign up if you were or weren’t taken advantage of and reap the benefits that Equifax is offering.

Okay, so what does this service actually offer? The good news: a lot.

The credit monitoring covers all three of the major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. When, or if, suspicious activity appears on your account Equifax will alert you. This alert allows you to stay on top of any malicious attempts to harm your credit or identity.

Not only do you get alerts for suspicious activity, an Equifax credit report, Social Security monitoring and identity theft insurance are also included. Equifax credit locks are an additional bonus. Credit locks help keeps identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name. Having locks from all three credit reporting agencies is essential for full protection.

As the inclusions continue, Equifax is going to offer a free credit locking services after the end of the larger free package. The program is going to offer a free lock-for-life service that allows locking or unlocking of your credit file from a cell phone or computer.

Where do you register for these things? Equifax Security 2017 and keep an eye on the Equifax website after January 31st for the lock-for-life service.

For more information on credit monitoring, check out

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Andrew Erk is our Trade Practice Assistant. He writes about business trends and consumer news and is also our social media, graphic design and digital guru.