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CONSUMER ALERT: That “Free Trial” of Wrinkle Cream Could Empty Your Bank Account

“Free Trial” of Wrinkle Cream Could Empty Your Bank Account


By: Oana Schneider

CONSUMER ALERT: That “Free Trial” of Wrinkle Cream Could Empty Your Bank Account

Your BBB® would like to share information regarding a “free” face cream trial that could cost you hundreds of dollars in the end. According to a recent report from CBS Dallas-Fort Worth’s Consumer Justice, many people fell for Facebook ads promising a free one-month face cream trial that turned out to be quite costly.

One woman says she requested the “free” wrinkle cream trial for which she was initially charged $4.95 but then got two more bottles in the mail within the next 30 days. Her bank statements show charges of almost $600 for this face cream!

Another customer says she called the company to complain about the situation but was told that accepting the free trial gave the company the right to keep sending the product. This type of practice is called negative billing and is not illegal. However, the law states that companies are required to “clearly and conspicuously disclose the material terms of the plan,”

The company website features a banner that reads: “Due to high demand from recent media coverage we can no longer guarantee supply. As of March 06, 2017, we currently have product IN STOCK and will ship within 24 hours of purchase.”

This comes a year after the FTC officially stopped marketers from using misleading or deceptive “risk-free trials” to get consumers to buy skincare products.

If you think you’ve been tricked into paying more that you should for a free trial of any kind, please consider filing a complaint with the FTC and check with your local BBB for similar cases in your area. Remember that you can always go to and report a scam in your area.

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Oana Schneider is our Director of Media Services. She writes consumer and business oriented articles and is in charge of our community outreach program.