Headaches With Adware

By on July 17, 2014

Eye on Flat Panel MonitorSometimes as we go through our normal routines, we find issues that cause us concern. Your BBB wishes to make you aware of some of the things we have learned.

Recently I went to the control panel on my home laptop and clicked on the un-install a program link and discovered a program which I subsequently learned is software that provides unsolicited ads.

This is what happens. You find a “free” program that you want to use and you download it, but the catch is that it may contain offers from third parties that the provider of the free software may not have checked out. This is what happened to me, and I didn’t realize that this software was installed on my computer.

So, after learning what this program was and what it did, I removed it by uninstalling it; however, there were several steps that needed to be taken to completely remove the software from the system.

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