How to Protect Your Holiday Packages From Being Stolen

We are all sending or receiving packages during the holidays, but some of the presents never make it to the destination. Your BBB® warns that, unfortunately, stealing holiday packages has become a winter sport for some people: they would follow the delivery truck around town and steal the packages seconds after been dropped off. Outrageous, right? If you don’t want your holiday packages to end up under someone else’s tree this year, here’s what you can do:

1. Have your holiday packages delivered at work

If your workplace allows it, go ahead and set it up! Make sure to let your supervisor know first and you are ready to go. This way, you can inspect the items when they reach their destination and you are 100% sure that they won’t get lost.

2. Pick them up at your local post office

It requires a little effort because you have to make time to stop by your post office. You may even have to cut your lunch breaks short, but in the end, it’s all worth it! If your schedule allows it, we recommend that you have all your packages delivered to your post office, not just the holiday ones. This way, you will avoid mail theft all year round!

3. Post a warning sign

Tell people to step away from your porch when you are not at home! If you are making your own sign, try not to make it too playful or colorful or it may not be taken seriously. Be firm, make the sign visible and use exclamation marks!


4. Install a home security system

This may cost you a pretty penny, but you can use it all the time, not just around Christmas. In case your packages get stolen, at least you will know who took them! This will help the police find the thieves and maybe even find your stolen goods.

5. Redirect your package to a friend’s house

If you live close to your parents or grandparents, you can have your holiday packages delivered to their house. This won’t cost you a thing and it will give you an excuse (if you needed one!) to visit your family more often.

6. Leave delivery instructions

If you know when your holiday packages will arrive, you can leave delivery instructions like: “please place my package in my backyard, under the big red bucket”. Pretty much any instructions that could help make your package less visible from the main road will do!

Have a safe and happy winter and don’t forget to call your local BBB if you have a question or need help!

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