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Hoosiers May Be Able to Redeem Old RadioShack Gift Cards

Hoosiers May Be Able to Redeem Old RadioShack Gift Cards - The Beacon


By: Amanda

Hoosiers May Be Able to Redeem Old RadioShack Gift Cards

Your BBB® has learned that Hoosiers who have unused gift cards from former retailer RadioShack can now file a claim to seek the recovery of any remaining balances. This opportunity is part of a settlement agreement previously approved U.S. Bankruptcy Court and supported by 24 states attorneys general and the District of Columbia including Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller.

If you have one of these gift cards, you can visit to review the claims process and obtain a claim form. All claims must be submitted either electronically or via mail by December 2, 2016.

According to the Indiana Attorney General’s press release,All claims will be reviewed according to the court approved plan and settlement which established the RSH Liquidating Trust and authorized it to review and approve claims in accordance with the court’s orders.

Under the Court’s order, the Trust will treat as a priority claim and pay 100 percent of the balance on the cards to consumers holding gift cards that were purchased directly from RadioShack, the RadioShack website or any of its authorized sellers. Cards acquired in any other way will NOT be treated as a priority claims and those claimants will at most receive a small percentage of the balance of the card and may not receive any payment.”

As the Attorney General’s office is aware that there are those that would take advantage of this opportunity, they remind consumers that no one associated with this settlement will contact you to ask for personal or financial information nor payment of any kind. You can report any call or mailing you may receive about this settlement to the Indiana Attorney General’s office or your BBB.

For more information you can trust, visit

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