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How To Backup Your Phone In A Few Steps

How To Backup Your Phone In A Few Steps


By: Andrew Erk

How To Backup Your Phone In A Few Steps

The winter season is finally upon us, making this one of the best times to backup all of that information you’ve been storing on your phone. Backing up your phone from time to time is important as it prevents the loss of any data should your phone become compromised by viruses or malware. Here are some of the ways to back up your mobile device.


Are you a proud iPhone user? There are several ways to back up and store all of the information you have been keeping throughout the year(s).

I. iTunes

This is likely the most common and likely most talked about method to back up your iPhone data. This method works on both Mac and PC.

  1. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer with the lightning cable (the charging cord) that came with your iPhone or that you purchased separately. Once the device is connected to your PC or Mac, if prompted, trust the computer.
  2. Open the iTunes software and select the phone icon in the upper left hand of the library tab. Once there, you can easily select what data is transferred to the computer, but most will be transferred automatically upon successfully syncing with the computer.
  3. If on a Mac, the options to sync photos with the Photos application is available and should happen automatically when the device is synced.

II. iCloud

If you’re someone who wishes not to have information stored on a physical computer, using the iCloud service is a way to store information easily and that can be accessed anywhere.

  1. Navigate to the settings option (the gear looking grey icon) on your iPhone. If unable to locate the icon, simply swipe down on the home screen and enter settings in the search bar.
  2. Once navigated to settings, click on your name at the top of the screen (this should be the first option).
  3. Scroll down until you see the option for iCloud. Once in the iCloud settings, scroll down to iCloud backup and ensure the toggle is switched to the right (the green color, for success, should be showing).
  4. iCloud has 5GB of free storage offered on each iPhone. If this is not enough, more can be added under the manage storage tab, then change storage plan.
  5. If looking for a free alternative to storing photos digitally.

Voila! You have successfully backed up your iPhone to ensure that all of that great information is stored just in case, or if you ever decide to get a new phone and are attempting to locate that information.


Don’t think we would forget about you Android users. There are plenty of options to store your data for if you ever need it.

1.Manually store with Google Drive

  1. Open the Drive app
  2. Tap the + button
  3. Tap upload
  4. Choose the files that you wish to store on the Drive cloud.

This information is now stored for you to use at any point.

2.Android Backup Service

  1. Open the phone settings
  2. Select backup and reset
  3. Tap backup account and add your account information if not already seen.

As with the iPhone, third-party cloud storage applications are available to useThis holiday season, take the time to back up information to keep all of it just in case. And why not do it now, rather than later.

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